Friday, December 31, 2010

Drop Dead Hot!!

From top : 
I think both of these are seriously sweet looking!! Looks super cute.
Will be good for those with long legs. And also for those petite girls!
Awesome!! :) 

 By Hijabs Lover
 From top, 
1. Shawl tone (RM15)
2. The Dye Shawl (RM21)

With 2011 around the corner, I personally feel that bright, happy colours are IN.
You do not want to feel all gloomy at the beginning of a new year, do you ? 
So spice up your attire and look as bright, happy and cheerful as ever! 

Simple. Yet with a splurge of sexiness. 
Get this Tie-Me-Not top at White Carriage for only RM22.
Pssssttt.. They are currently having sales.
Check it out! :)

Cute are they not? I super love these! These things got me into saying "OMG!"
You know, you girls should really check out itsy beadsy. 
What they are selling there is almost rarely seen and well.. UNIQUE I dare say. 
From top,
1. Cameras at RM19
2. Mix me up at RM24

Forget Quiksilver or Topman for a while. Try something different.
And by that I meant get this! :D 
Brought to you by I Shirt You Not. Great price too.! Only RM35 :)

Earrings! For those who like to be different. 
And daring. This is it! 
This item is non-restockable, and only at RM10! It's a steal ! :) 
From blueyjoyce.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love those wobbly bits!

Being fat is not by choice. It just happens all of sudden. Maybe after those many carbs consume. You do not even notice you are getting fatter, not until the day when you can no longer fit into your clothes or when someone says "Hey you have put on lots of weight since we last met" . 
And what happens when you have gotten to realise that you are fat? You start making all sorts of plans to lose weight. You start avoiding meals, taking up slimming pills, spend thousands on slimming spa just to be thin. Whenever you see a hot model on the cover of mags, that every single time you will get into thinking and wondering and hoping that you can be as thin as that model . And the you started to think that you are not beautiful - not until you get to size S. The hot thin models then haunt you,make you depressed as you starting to generate lower and lower self esteem. 

Typical scenario. 

What most girls, including myself often forget is that we are beautiful. Under any circumstances. I am thin, but I always want that extra flawless skin that models have on that mag cover. Guess we never really be thankful of what we have right? 

Oprah said something that got me thinking. Oh,this was in her 2009 going to 2010 show. She said something like this , 
"The fat is there for a reason. They are there for you to love them" 
Haah. Who would love their wobbly bits right? But that is where most people do wrong.They HATE their wobbly bits. They HATE the state of being oversize just for beauty purposes. HATE, RAGE, ANGER. All those negative thoughts invite negative vibes. That is when you often come up with solutions without thinking thoroughly. 

Love your body the way it is this instance. Love yourself for what you are this moment. And then you will see clearer. You'll feel better. You'll act more confidently. 

If you want to lose weight, do it for the sake of health. Not only for the sake of being pretty. Because, however you look like...You are ALREADY beautiful. 

I always wonder, what if our ancestors-humans who live thousands of years ago decided that being an L size,healthy person is beautiful. And then all mag covers feature an L size woman. The world got into thinking that size L is the standard to be pretty. Would we eat ourselves up then ? 
Hmmmm. Always worth the imagination. 


thoughts by, 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Things that demand attention :)

Icy Blue Candy Ring brought to you by P&S
Made from glass beads, acrylic beads
Ring size 6 (adjustable)
Get this now at RM22! :)
If you ask me, I personally think this is gorgeous! A pop to your finger! 

Colorful pashmina shawl. TrioLicious is having a promotion!
Get this awesome pashmina at RM15 each. Buy 2 and you'll get free postage as well! 
It's time to say, "Move plain pashmina! Colorful ones are here. :)" 
Adds up colors to your wonderful characters. Makes you even more lively. XD

From top :
1. Princess Dress (RM79). Fits S-L.
2.  Candy top (RM40) Fits S-L.
As for the princess dress, it IS princessly looking indeed! OMG. It's almost like Fiona's dress on Shrek. 
Lollysta is selling it in various colors. So you can choose yours. :) 
As for the candy short dress, it is sexaaayyyy lookin! Get yours now while stocks last. 

By Thekookything.
From top : 
Red. The color that says "Drop everything else. Look at me!" 
Super awesome! 

By Fantabulous Couture.
Puff Lycra Maxi Dress (RM58)
Free size.
I just love the color. This maxi is suitable if you're heading to dinner :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Should haves! :P

Came across this. And boy, xoxo feels this is gorgeous!! Blue polka! So vintage!
This dress fits UK10-UK12
Only for RM35!
Get this at BANGBOOMPOW!!!

I wonder why, but this simple long sleeves top just caught my attention.
Simple, yes! But sometimes simple is all you need to look good.
And hey, it's up for an affordable price too!
Only RM27 at Oh!MissRhapsody

Aren't these two cute? So adorable!
Esp the bicycle necklace. It has a touch of classic looking!
And this hello kitty? If you wanna go for the sweet look, this is the accessory you wouldn't wanna miss!
From top,
1. Bicycle  Necklace RM28
2. Kitty Face RM 25 

Mystery speaks

Mystery here ! Greetings babes. Well, I know as for the time being HugsloveKisses might not have that many readers . But my friend and I strive to improve on the traffic.
I may keep this simple and short as I haven't had any e-mails from you wonderful girls. However, I am highly positive that I'll hear from you soon.
I definitely hope so darlings!

I don't bite. Nor do I perform savage killings. Hence, there is no reason whatsoever for you to be scared of me :)
If you worry about your privacy, well fret not honey! You have my promise that no names or details will be revealed in this tiny 'column' of mine.

I supposed that's it for now eh? After all this is Christmas Eve!!!
I wish those who celebrate Christmas a Merry Christmas and of course a joyous, wonderful, successful year ahead!

Let whatever bitterness in 2010 be locked away in a dungeon somewhere in your heart. And let the happiness bloom even more in 2011. I wish all of you the best in your future undertakings!

Sincerely with love,

Thursday, December 23, 2010