Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For your heart to desire. For your money to be spent :P

I simply heart this. I don't know why but the design just got to my heart. Something like cupid's bow. 
Anyway, personally I feel that these heels are gorgeous due to the color. 
Apart from the normal black and white, they come in a color .. a mixture of purple and grey. 
I think the color itself is glamorous.
However, these pair of deadly heels are for pre-order only. 
Available for ordering at RM75 ! :D 
If you share my thoughts, do visit Villainous Sweetheart 


OMG! This skirt is super cute, don't you think so? 
I mean, you can count how many times you'll stumble upon such skirt. 
Now you can carry your kitties around with you :) 
You can pair it with a bow, black top..Find something sweet to go with this skirt, I am imagining tops in black because it'll really bring up the skirt as well.
But that is my personal opinion..You can play around with your creativity, and have fun with this skirt.
Oh, before I blab any longer...
So, hurry up and click the link below to buy! xx
The Odd Loft, RM49 *steal*

Awwww. So sweet! :P 
These tops are available in long sleeves, which is in my opinion is cool. 
I normally see designs like such in the top most picture available in short sleeves tee. 
Well, you can wear these to just any occasion.
Classes, movies, out for a casual dinner with friends.. a day out with your beau :) 
They are made of cotton, so it'll be comfortable to wear even for long hours . 
Available with limited stocks at lovelyboutique2u at RM40 each.

 Shocking pink! :) Embroided long sleeves top.
Suitable for anyone to wear. 
Available in other colors as well, so you can have a wider option;) 
Priced at RM45 each, you can get this at House of Pines Boutique. 

Garden full of roses indeed! 
Items are imported from Australia, therefore they are limited .
Their 3XS sizes are sold out already. 
Only S sizes are still available. Well,'s the ding dong bell for you to hurry up and grab it! :P 
Available at SomeWear Over The Rainbow for RM80
Something affordable for hot dresses like this! 
Suitable for any occasion . :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The weekend quad! :)

This is sooo cute! Marc Jacobs inspired necklace. :) 
Like the owner said, if you do not feel like being a cutie that day, just take off the pendant. 
Here's another good thing about this - you can pair it with almost every color tops. . 
I can't think of a color you cannot match it with this necklace. 
I mean, it suits whatever mood/look that you want to pull off.
Available at Avant La Mode for RM15 per piece. 

Before all of you pretty readers start to wonder what are these things, lemme introduce to you...
*drum rolls* 
These are handbag's hooks.
What do they do? Hold your handbags darlings. So that you can finally organize your handbags properly. Rather than just stuffing or putting them in your closet . *opps.that's me! HAHA. I need to get my hands on one of these fast!*
Maybe some of you have heard of these long before this review. But maybe some haven't. 
In which ever way, I think these are worth the prices because those designs are just superbly fantastic! 
Look at that cupcake. I am starting to dream of my fav vanilla already. 
Oh, they also have one for Valentine's special.

From top : 

By My Handbag Hook ;) 

OMG! That was my remark when I saw this. Gorgeous gorgeous!
It is not ready stock unfortunately, since it's a pre-order.
But hey, I don't mind waiting for bags like this! Do you?
And what more, it is being sold at a very affordable price, RM46.
And fret not if you are not a bucket bag person.. They offer you the same design but as sling bags and also satchels!
What are you waiting for? Visit The Bag Galore nowwww! And order this Piero Guidi Inspired bags quick :) 

HAHAHA. I absolutely HEART this! 
The design is simple, yet! I like it! 
It has some sexiness and a naughty essence in it. :P 
So, if you feel like being sexy..wear this! 
You can get this at Libby Lui Closet at RM25

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Quad.

Woah. Since this is the beginning of the rabbit year, this is like "the thing"!
Bunny Ring! And what's the next best thing? It is vintaaaaage!
Although I am writing this review on the first day of the rabbit year, still.. you have one long rabbit year ahead. So, I do not see any reason as to why this Bunny Ring shouldn't be justified with the substantial amount of attention :)
Get this bunny ring from Le Boudoir, only at RM16 *STEAL

Benefit Benetint .
Well, as far as I know.. This works to give your face a shining glow. Like the glow J.Lo and Kim K always have in their photos. Just dap above your cheek bone and even it out by using your ring finger and you're good to go. *Got that tips from YT*
Guess how much this awesome thing is worth ?
ONLY RM27! Shocking price for such wonderful, trusted brand worldwide. So what are you waiting for?
Click Darcy and Jones to get yours now! Hurry now, or you might missed it. :D


Absolutely love this! Hot Pink! :D
Made of a combination of satin and lace. Perfect for a Valentine's date .
Dandelion's Kisses , priced at RM49.
psstt. It's an imported piece!

Top : The front view
Bottom : The back view
Scallops skirt in blue brought to you by What's Your Flavor? 
Worth every penny you spend on this cute little thing! 
Guess what? Only RM28! :) 
You can pair it with a tank top or blouse. I am thinking floral tank top will do the trick .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

HugsLoveKisses wishes you a very happy chinese new year!! 
May all of you have tremendous fun with family and friends in the beginning of this rabbit year! :D