Monday, January 31, 2011

Check this out. :D

Easy smokey eyes for beginners.

Hello there babes! XX
Before all of you starts to wonder who's the girl in that vid, lemme give you the scoop first.
No, it isn't me. HAHA. Obviously!:P But she's one of the makeup gurus on YT.
Personally, I like spending my free time browsing on YT. Seriously, you can learn a great deal from there. I've learnt how to play guitar there, makeup techniques, even language!!!
Awesome right?
So, this lady here is by far the makeup guru that I always tuned in on YT. I don't know why, I just like the way she explains things, sounds so kind. And this is the first vid I watched from her!

You see,besides what we put on our bodies,or what we carry around everyday..Makeup is just one of the essential stuff of being a female! Some might agree with me, some might not.
"Putting makeup means you put a whole lot of products on your face!"

A complete preposterous,shallow statement.
Putting makeup my lovelies, do not necessary means you have to put a lot of products on your face. Well, depending on the situation really. If it is just a normal day out, perhaps a natural eye color, a lil bit of blush and lip gloss will do. But if you are getting ready for some photoshoot,perhaps you need a little bit more product like bronzer, face highlighter and etc.
So, it really depends on where you want to go and what you want to do.
If you want to go hiking with your bf, probably it is best to leave your face clean and clear. I am a make-up wearer myself. Although I do not wear eye-shadows or blushes to classes everyday but a foundation is my everyday need.
Therefore, I hope people out there will change their perspectives on makeups :)
It is not a wrongful doing, after all! We GIRLS ought and love to look HOT AND GLAM! xx

Okay okay.So, the reason why I am putting up this vid is because..I understand, like all teens when I started to put on makeup..I do not understand how to . Or even if you are already used to put on is not a crime to learn new techniques right? :P

I'll be sharing a lot other vids in the future.
Enjoyyyy :)

p/s:credits to makeupgeek for the awesome tutorials!do check her out on YT ! :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Picks!

Plain brown bag.. Super vintage,easy-to-match bag. 
Seriously, not all girls can afford to have different bags just to suit those different funky, various outfits right? So, most of us opt for one bag that is able to suit most attire that exist in our closet. Well, in my opinion..It's this bag in the above picture!!! :) 
Got in love with this the moment I saw it while blogwalking. 
By Whatever-Darl, for RM50. 

Dinners and proms season is back peeps! On the look-out for dresses? Outfits to match the theme of your dinner party? Face it babes, even me myself is cracking up my head to search for a dress on that night which I always look forward to every semester .
So, this dress looks simple. But the color is extravagantly screaming "I am hot".
Something really worth paying for, I tell you.
You can also wear it while on a date or going shopping with your girlfriends.
Also suits the CNY celebration :)
By minibus, for RM56.
(with red and black available)

Sweet right ? Color combination that is perfectly sweet. A top that makes you look like a doll ! :) The bow perfected the whole dolly look.
As for this top, you may get it at Shopper Goddess at a very affordable price which is at RM35.

Cool eh? Seen few of these featured in those fashion mags over the decade. Yes, over the decade! Because it never seems to go out of style.
It is easy to match with occasions.
Wear it with a cardi or just plainly like this, it is definitely your choice to pick!
From The Present for RM45.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Items which demand ATTENTION!! :P

Awhhhh.This bracelet is totally sweet!
Must must get it in my opinion.
Since it has a tint of redness in it, you can even wear it during CNY !!
Available at Ellie's Charms for RM25

Sexy hot one shoulder strap dinner dress in rose velvet!
I personally like this color as it has the elegance effect in it.
Imagine wearing this to a party!! Get those wows and attention all on you!
Pair it with a black/light grey glittering pouch and you're all set.
As for the heels, I would suggest a very high heels. Something maybe black in color. Or nude. :)
This gorgeous piece is available at not naked for RM50.

Adorable!! Aren't they? Ooooh, btw these are earrings!
No particular occasion is needed to wear these. You can wear it as your daily wear, it is fine.
These glamorous are available at M'Angel Collection for RM24 :)

Very vibrant colors! I love this so much!
Vibrant colors is one of the way to spice up your life.
Priced at RM44, you're able to get this at Anggun Zara ;)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Flawless, beautiful skin.

,week Every girls dream of that beautiful, clean and clear skin. We have spent hundreds, some maybe thousands of MYR on beauty products just to achieve the results that we often desired. Skincare products are essential as we can't go on having our days without cleaning our faces with facial cleanser at least twice a day. Beyond those products, a lot more factors are contributing to the success of our mission to the great, healthy, beautiful looking skin. Well, these do not came from my thoughts alone. I googled and read them in magazines, or in books. Just sharing what I've collected with you babes :)

In no specific order.

1. Beauty products.

Bear in mind ladies, that the most expensive products in store may not be the best one that suit your skin. Different people have different types of skins. So, what seems may have worked for your friend, may not work the same for you. It is okay to try, but if it irritates your skin afterwards, stop immediately. If you find the one that suits your skin, I highly suggest you just keep on to it :)

From what I have been told by my BC (beauty consultant), it is very essential to have this four steps daily. First, cleaning your face of course ! :) Then use a freshener or toner, followed by moisturiser. And then a thin layer of foundation as it helps to block dirt and etc from going into your pores.

As for me, I wear my foundation during the day only. Sometimes at night when I feel like it. It depends on you. Some people may have that thick foundation, and you may feel uneasy to apply it all the time. During the day is already quite enough :)

And do not forget, apply mask to your face at least once a week. This should be done to remove all those dead skin cells, to leave a better cleansed and glowing face .

2. Drink lots of water.

I think this is something you may have read thousands of times over the net. Well, yes really! I do not believe the importance at first. I used to have dry, dull lips. And when I tried drinking almost 2L water a day for a week, it becomes more moisturised. :)
And I noticed my skin looked healthier and younger! HeHe.
But really, drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water a day is not only important for your skin, but also for your health overall!

3. Sleep.

Hmm. This is something most of students or professional workers do not get enough of. And the next morning we know, we have those hideous black, swollen area underneath our eyes. I've read that undereye circles are hereditary- meaning inherited, in our blood, so on and so forth. But it doesn't mean that we should just accept the fact and sleep late every night and do nothing about it right ? Plus, it is during the sleep that we get to rest our brains and get those cells to work!
Whatever else you do is really pointless if you do not get enough sleep at night. Hence, make sure you sleep at least 6-8 hours every night! :)

4. Exercise.

Many thought exercise is only for those who want to lose weight . WRONG!! Definitely NOT. Doesn't mean that if you're thin you do not need to workout. You need to! Improved cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance increases your energy and giving you a better, rosy complexion.

5. Be happy.

Have you heard of what's inside is shown on the outside ? Same case. If you're happy and all emotionally stable, it automatically reflects on your physical features as well. Your face is brighter, your skin is more healthy and glowing :)
So besides all those routines towards the way of a better looking skin, emotional aspect is equally carrying the same weight of importance.

Be happy, stay healthy .. because you're worthy! :P

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drop Dead Hot.

Nice bright green. You can just pair it with plain black / white top, 
and you're set to go ! :)
Easy to wear too , so it wouldn't be very time consuming. 
Get this at only RM25 (You get both the inner and outer) 
Complete set! Awesome isn't it ? 

Show off your curves babes! In this hot lace dress with golden braided. 
Pair with leggings like the ones shown above, and you're all out for a party ;) 
Even suitable for a casual outings.   
Priced at RM52. 

Very diva glam look. 
However, only the black and silver ones are stiill available :) 
If you have always wondered where to get a smoking hot toga dress for a smashing party or for those single night out with your babes at a nearby club on the weekends, I suggest you consider THIS!! Super glam hot toga with glitters. 
Priced at RM69, you can get this from Queen La Moss

Monday, January 3, 2011

Should haves! :P

Party hats. Pair this with a simple maxi or short dress. 
Some pieces of beady necklaces. 
And you already created the "English Party Look". 
Each Fascinator costs RM29 from The Nic Nax Shop

Available in three different colours, this is catchy.! :)
Priced at only RM59 , you are able to get this at The Survival Store.

  Batwing top from a.Venue
Also comes in black, white and beige. 
You can pair it with leggings, or just the top itself - if you're the daring type ;) 
Get this for only RM55!  

 Army cardigan in white! Woohoo I love this! 
Super love this.Reminds me of Greenday and bands vice versa. 
Totally cool. Available for rocking , hyped chics at Drestres at RM50 :)