XOXO acts as a review blog, where I review items that catch my attention. Please note that all reviews made are based on personal opinion, without being biased to anyone. Besides publishing on reviews, I might share information that I think useful for you girls :) I hope you have fun reading HugsLoveKisses. Please follow XOXO for quick updates. 

For Shopaholics :
This is a one-stop station where you can find all that you need. ;) If you are an addicted online shopper, but you have limited time to browse every single blogshops, fret not! XOXO is your solution! Visit us for quick info on the hottest sales in town, and for blogshops with hottest items ;)

For Blogshops Owners
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Below are services that HugsLoveKisses is currently providing : 


Blogshops that want to exchange links with XOXO, just drop me an e-mail with the subject "Linking". 


If you would like to be reviewed by XOXO, or to inform me of any sales/promotion or a contest/giveaway happenings, please send me an e-mail with the subject "Sharing"/"Updates".


PDTOM is a section where you can tell me anything. Should you have a secret you wanna get off your chest, or you need a girly advice or basically anything, just drop me an e-mail. :) Confidentiality is promised. No names, or identities will be revealed. Send me an e-mail with the subject " Mystery".


XOXO currently has three options for advertisement purposes. 

Type 1  :  Ads space (900x144)
                RM 20/mth
                Free advertorial write up. :)  
                Slots are before sticky posts and posts.
                2 spaces available

Type 2  :  Ads space (225x180)
                RM 15/mth
                One time review. 
                Slots are below my banner, before the list of blog rolls on the right. 
                6 spaces available

Type 3  :   Ads space (150x130)
                RM 10/mth
                One time review
                Slots are below the list of followers, before the chat box.  
                 6 spaces available 

*Available spaces and options will be revised from time to time.

If you are interested in advertising with HugsLoveKisses, please send me an e-mail with the subject "Advertising".