Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wondrous Wednesday. :)

1. Candy Girl               RM 49
2. Samantha                RM 49

I absolutely love the scallops top. Especially the one in mustard yellow. :)
Both items are available in other colours. Do check out their blog. 

1. The Daria Earrings       RM 45
2. The Naia Bracelet        RM 40

And that is not all! You can customise these accessories to your personal tastes. :) Like colours, etc. Just drop the blog owner your e-mail and further discussions will take place.
I personally find her designs to be unique. Shes uses authentic Swarovski Crystals, therefore no doubt exists in the quality of her jewelery ;)

This is a pre-loved item. The reason I reviewed this because I personally think that these shoes are comfortable. I can almost assure you that! *since diff people might have diff tastes* Not only for running, but you can also wear it whenever you please. The reason I know, is because I have a pair of these, and even after years, they are still servicing me well. ;) So check it out! They might be able to do the same for you! 

Nike running shoes                  RM 35 

1. Peep Toe Wedges in Beige         RM 68
2. Cross over Clogs in Yellow          RM 80

Comfy wedges. Stylish clogs. You get the idea ;)

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