Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday's Temptation

From top : 

1. Petite Working Dress         RM 59
*spotted in TopShop* 
Number 1 gives a pop to a normal officewear, allowing you to look a little bit sexy at the same time maintaining the formal look. Pair it with a white blazer, and you're all set ;)

From top : 
1. Scallops Jacket              RM 59
 2. Bow Collar Shirt            RM 35 

Gotta accept it. Scallops are so trending. I adore the Bow Collar Shirt in orange. They do offer one in brown as well. But the one in orange appeals more to me. And with that price, I am proudly labelling it as a steal!!! :)

Puffed shoulder cardigans for plus sizes.                 RM 40

Visit them for a lot more plus sizes fashion! :) 

1. I Believe in Love        RM 29.90 
2. Love Peace Dove       RM 23.90

Psst. Free postage peeps!! What are ya waiting for ?? :)

MIKO Style Sling Bag              RM 48

Isn't it just cute? I like the colour combination. :) Super adorable. I can picture myself carrying this when I meet up with my girlfriends..Having fun at Genting Highlands.  Somehow, I can even picture myself with this bag to the beach.  Hmmm. Is that weird? You tell me. ;)

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