Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabulous on Friday

1 & 2 : Simple Feminine Chiffon Top       RM 39
1. In Blue
2. In Lime Green
3.Simple Pleated Dress                           RM 55

(both items are available in other colours)

1. Black Beaded Dress            RM 125
2. Lyla Bandage Dress             RM 169
3. Draped Embellished Dress     RM 59

All prices have been marked down. Massive sale! Check em out. They have a lot of gorgeous, sexy dresses in store!

1. Heart Shaped Belt      RM 25

*RM 25 with purchase of other garment.

1. Carrying Chequered            RM 29
 2. Classic Paisley                    RM 39

*both items are pre-loved.

*Customisations are available.Kindly e-mail the owner to discuss. Charges depend on the complexity ;) Oh, other colours are available as well! Hurry! Number 2 is on limited stocks! :) 

Polka dots Blue Dress     RM 20


Chiffon Maxi Dress             RM 46 

Multi Knit Scarf        RM 18/RM 20

* RM 18 is inclusive of Pos Ekspress, while RM 20 is inclusive of PosLaju ;)

1. Korean Summer Style Suede Wedges     RM 74 / RM 82*

* RM 74 for sizes 34-39, while RM 82 for sizes 40-43. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday's Temptation

From top : 

1. Petite Working Dress         RM 59
*spotted in TopShop* 
Number 1 gives a pop to a normal officewear, allowing you to look a little bit sexy at the same time maintaining the formal look. Pair it with a white blazer, and you're all set ;)

From top : 
1. Scallops Jacket              RM 59
 2. Bow Collar Shirt            RM 35 

Gotta accept it. Scallops are so trending. I adore the Bow Collar Shirt in orange. They do offer one in brown as well. But the one in orange appeals more to me. And with that price, I am proudly labelling it as a steal!!! :)

Puffed shoulder cardigans for plus sizes.                 RM 40

Visit them for a lot more plus sizes fashion! :) 

1. I Believe in Love        RM 29.90 
2. Love Peace Dove       RM 23.90

Psst. Free postage peeps!! What are ya waiting for ?? :)

MIKO Style Sling Bag              RM 48

Isn't it just cute? I like the colour combination. :) Super adorable. I can picture myself carrying this when I meet up with my girlfriends..Having fun at Genting Highlands.  Somehow, I can even picture myself with this bag to the beach.  Hmmm. Is that weird? You tell me. ;)

Wondrous Wednesday. :)

1. Candy Girl               RM 49
2. Samantha                RM 49

I absolutely love the scallops top. Especially the one in mustard yellow. :)
Both items are available in other colours. Do check out their blog. 

1. The Daria Earrings       RM 45
2. The Naia Bracelet        RM 40

And that is not all! You can customise these accessories to your personal tastes. :) Like colours, etc. Just drop the blog owner your e-mail and further discussions will take place.
I personally find her designs to be unique. Shes uses authentic Swarovski Crystals, therefore no doubt exists in the quality of her jewelery ;)

This is a pre-loved item. The reason I reviewed this because I personally think that these shoes are comfortable. I can almost assure you that! *since diff people might have diff tastes* Not only for running, but you can also wear it whenever you please. The reason I know, is because I have a pair of these, and even after years, they are still servicing me well. ;) So check it out! They might be able to do the same for you! 

Nike running shoes                  RM 35 

1. Peep Toe Wedges in Beige         RM 68
2. Cross over Clogs in Yellow          RM 80

Comfy wedges. Stylish clogs. You get the idea ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Treat :)


 Peter Pan Lace          RM45
1. In Black 
           2. In Magenta Pink 

Abstract Wedges              RM125
 Electrifying wedges!

Bow Top            RM 38
The bow at the middle of the shirt is just so adorable!! *like like* 

                                           1. Blue jumpsuit                   RM 49 (also available in grey)
3. Bodycon skirt                   RM50

1. Mustard Yellow
2. Navy Blue
 3. Olive Green
4. Pink 

Cute tops for summer :P 

1. Babydoll       RM 55
2. Milla            RM 65

Hot designs! Absolutely the ones you gotta have in your closet :) 
1. Dot dot dot in sandy     RM 39 *steal*
2. Dijon Mustard     RM45 
(with free black tube & chain/belt)

 Denim Skirt            RM 28

Friday, June 10, 2011

Please don't tell on me.

I am super excited! I got an e-mail sharing - well, more like asking for opinions today ! Finally after all this while, someone starts writing!! Oh my Oh my ! So, I am publishing the story later on . Wait for it!! :)

Fabulous on Friday

Ecotools Brush Set                  RM25(with free postage)

Psst. Honestly speaking, this is almost the cheapest price you can get for these brushes.
At least from what I have noticed from walking blogs to blogs. 
So, make your orders today! :) 

1.   RM131
2.   RM152
3.   RM138
4.   RM129

All dresses are pre-order.Closes at June 15th. Hurry. :) 

Stripy Bodycon Dress       RM 50 with postage
Available in more colours

Purple Snail Earrings      RM10

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Temptation on Thursday

*Click on the blogshop name to be directed to their home page. Click on the items' names to be directed to items' links. :)

1. King of Charming                                    RM18
4. Large Pelican Gold Ring                        RM253
Number 3 is a bracelet designed by Kenneth Jay Lane, made from resin with wooden stripes. Number 4 is a Zoe and Morgan's 22 karat gold,plated with sterling silver ring. Both number 3 and 4 are designer brands jewelery,and have free postage nationwide. Oh oh. And HJ is having a promotion for the whole month of June. XOXO readers get discounted price as well! Just mention this coupon code and you're off set. 


Laura Scott Black Tiered Skirt     RM55 
(size left available in XL)

 Madison Printed Flag       RM100
(available in pink, red, black and blue) 

(also available in electric blue and black)

Lux Leopard Bag       RM95

1. Omnia Hijab                                      RM45
2. Dania Lace                                        RM69
3. Omnia Plain Premium in dual tone grey RM45
for direct link to these items click here!