Monday, June 6, 2011

Cure for Monday Blues.

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You've worked hard for one whole month. And finally at the end of the month, voila! You get your pay. After all those tedious, long work hours...I bet you have the feeling "I ought to pamper myself by going ONLINE shopping! " Hehe :) And so below you will see MY choices of clothing that I personally think is worth your every dime of your hard worked money  :)

From left : 
1. Asos blue trench coat.  RM100 
2. V Chiffon Dress          RM120

Both are ready stock items. :)

From top :
1. Dangerously in Love  RM69
2. Lily Aldrin                  RM69

Hurry! Because first 5 customers will get 20% and a free gift. :) 

Ivy Cut-In Dress   RM52
Available in three colours :
Electric Blue

Miss Kardashian     RM79
Available also in black, and mustard yellow (upon request).

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